Professional Septic tank cleaning service

Grease trap maintenance is essential for intercepting grease and solids before they enter the wastewater systems of restaurants, kitchens and some houses.

Ways to know your tank needs cleaning

1.  If it's been longer than five years since your last septic tank cleaning, it's time to get your septic tank serviced. Septic tanks with normal usage should be cleaned every 3 years.

2.  Water pooling in the grass around the drain field is a tell-tale sign that your septic system needs service.

3.  If you’re outside and you notice unnaturally stinky smells, especially around the drain field or above your septic tank, it needs to be serviced.

4.  Toilets can also drain slowly, and if this is the case even after you’ve used a plunger, your septic tank might be getting too full.

5.  No one wants to see sewage backing up in their sinks, bathtubs and toilets, but an overly-full septic tank causes that to happen.

6.  When your septic system operates properly, the grassy area above the drain field will appear just as healthy as the grass in other lawn locations.  If, however, the grass is lush and considerably greener than other areas, it could be time to get your septic tank pumped.

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It is in the interest of prospective home buyers to have a septic inspection before purchasing a home. This will help avoid liability issues that might result from a malfunctioning system.

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