Victory Septic's  grease trap pumping and maintenance program helps eliminate unforeseen problems and costly emergency pumping services. Proper grease trap maintenance, both interior and exterior, is a must if your establishment uses oil or grease in food preparation. All grease traps need periodic pumping & maintenance in order to prevent your pipes from backing up. Properly maintaining your grease trap will prevent blockages in your drains and lines. Grease buildup and blockage can create a sewer backup situation and ultimately a health hazard in your establishment. Let the professionals at Victory Septic set you up on a grease trap maintenance plan. All grease traps should be cleaned at least two times per year. Some establishments need pumping up to two times per month. Keeping your grease trap in good working order will keep you in business.

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Victory Septic suggests pumping your septic tank every 2 to 5 years. A septic tank is a sewage-collection system. septic tanks work by accumulating solids in the tank, sometimes referred to as scum and sludge. This is done by holding waste water in the tank for a period of time. The scum rises to the top, the solids settle to the bottom and the water drains through the outlet into a leach field. Over time some of the solids decompose and some remain. As you use your septic system, the sludge will accumulate in the tank. Septic tanks usually have enough space for up to three years of safe accumulation. Once the sludge has reached this level the separation of sludge and scum no longer takes place and sewage may overflow. Overflow can be prevented by periodic pumping of the accumulated sludge.

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one of The most common reasons for failure of septic systems is excessive solids leaving the septic tank which then causes clogging of drain fields. With a filter installed in your tank, solids are kept out of your drain field and kept in the tank so they can be further broken down. Filters have long been used in air conditioners, swimming pools and automobile engines.  Everyone can relate to how dirty the air conditioner filter in your home can get in just a few months.  The same idea has been applied to septic tanks and filters are now required on new installations. Filters are not always required on repairs. However, we recommend the installation of a filter since we know how vital a filter is to the system. When we install a filter, we also suggest installing a riser on the septic tank so you can access it for cleaning on a regular basis.

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Risers are a key part of a septic tank system.  They allow easy access to the septic tank for pumping but their most important role is to allow the home owner easy access to the septic tank filter for regular maintenance. The risers we use are made out of concrete or a very durable poly material. The poly material risers are round and green or black in color so they blend in with the lawn. when We install risers on septic tanks  we place the lid is as close to even with the ground around it as possible, Unless other specifications have been made by the homeowner or county regulations. If your septic tank has a filter but does not have a riser we recommend you call us to have one installed. This will allow easy access to clean the filter on a regular basis and avoid an unexpected plumbing backup.

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Our services include septic pump repairs and replacement. A buzzing alarm and flashing light is an indication that your system is not functioning properly. If your septic system has been damaged, or is not functioning properly it can contaminate ground water, surface water and your yard can be contaminated with bacteria and viruses, so any problems should be addressed as soon as possible. A Victory septic technician can diagnose and repair your problem.